Bible Study

Recently we’ve begun to prepare devotionals that follow with the sermon text for the week. They are short and simple and perfect to use on your own or even in a small group. You can find them here:


Along with our Reformation sermon series, we’ve done a Sunday school class that hits on the core beliefs that developed in that time. You can watch the classes here:

Reformation Transformation Class on Youtube

Years ago Casey Clark maintained a website that helped people not only read the Bible, but to do so with guided Bible studies, visuals, and short articles. There are plenty of reading plans that tell you what to read, but reading the Bible can be hard, so feel free to take a look at the site and see if anything can be of help to you. God speaks to us through his Word and we can expect great things when we prayerfully go to him there.

Year in the Bible
Year in the Bible – Past Bible Studies


Whether you’re trying to catch up on a missed sermon or you are a visitor and want to hear some of what happens on a Sunday morning, we try to record and post our sermons for your benefit. You’re welcome to download them and listen as you take a walk, drive, or sit with some coffee.

Following the links below will take you to the sermons hosted on Dropbox. If you use the service it’ll be more straightforward, if you do not, just dismiss the prompt and either play the sermon in your web browser or click ‘download’ near the top of the screen.

2016.10.09 Why the Law – Galatians 3 – Casey Clark
2016.10.23 Where is Paul’s Heart – Galatians 4 – Casey Clark
2016.10.30 Music Sunday: Do we believe what we sing – Casey Clark
2016.11.13 The Fruit of Grace – Galatians 5 – Casey Clark
2016.11.20 Am I My Brother’s Keeper – Galatians 6 – Casey Clark
2016.11.27 Mary, Mary, Quite Ordinary – Rachel Clark
2016.12.04 Born to Be a Deliverer – Casey Clark
2016.12.11 Born to Speak the Truth – Casey Clark
2016.12.18 Born to Be King – Casey Clark
2016.12.25 And He Shall Be Called – Casey Clark
2017.01.01 Lighting the Darkness – Rachel Clark
2017.01.15 The Difficulty of Walking in the Darkness – Casey Clark
2017.01.22 Why We Need an Alarm Clock (and logo reveal) – Casey Clark
2017.01.29 Awaken the Dawn – Rachel Clark
2017.02.05 Beware of Naps – Casey Clark
2017.02.12 Coming in from the Cold – Casey Clark
2017.02.19 I am not He – Rachel Clark
2017.02.26 Humility wasn’t invited to Herod’s party – Casey Clark
2017.03.01 Ash Wednesday Message – Casey Clark
2017.03.05 I AM the Bread of Life – Casey Clark
2017.03.19 How do we get there from here? – Rachel Clark
2017.03.26 I AM the Good Shepherd – Casey Clark
2017.04.02 I AM the Good Shepherd Pt 2 – Casey Clark
2017.04.09 I AM the Vine, Abide With Me – Rachel Clark
2017.04.16 I AM the Resurrection (Easter Sunday) – Casey Clark
2017.04.30 Do You Remember When (Music Sunday) – Casey Clark
2017.05.07 A True Identity for the I-am-nots – Casey Clark
2017.05.14 Do you love me? – Rachel Clark
2017.05.21 Homesick – Rachel Clark
2017.05.28 Christian Hope – On putting all our eggs into baskets – Casey Clark
2017.06.04 Little babies and priestly kings – Casey Clark
2017.06.11 Given a New Home Yet Living as Sojourners – Casey Clark
2017.06.18 Good news, bad news – Rachel Clark
2017.06.25 Which way did he go? – Casey Clark
2017.07.02 Living in the Body, but According to the Spirit – Casey Clark
2017.07.23 Joy at the Judgment – Casey Clark
2017.07.30 Encouragements of Humility (Music Sunday) – Casey Clark
2017.08.13 Keys for the Journey (Final 1 Peter Sermon) – Rachel Clark
2017.08.20 Surprised in Stillness – Casey Clark
2017.08.23 The Darkness Has Not Overcome – Casey Clark
2017.09.03 Grasping for a Golden Age – Casey Clark
2017.09.10 A Return to Grace – Purchased Salvation – Casey Clark
2017.09.17 A Return to Grace – Where Can I Find a Gracious God? – Rachel Clark

2017.09.24 A Return to Grace – All Access Pass – Casey Clark
2017.10.01 A Return to Grace – Who is Lord? – Casey Clark
2017.10.08 A Return to Grace – Good News is for More than Sunday Mornings – Casey Clark
2017.10.22 A Return to Grace – Faith: Born and Nourished by the Word of God – Rachel Clark
2017.10.29 A Return to Grace – Finding Rest at Home – Casey Clark
2017.11.05 Miraculous Secrets of Time Management – Casey Clark
2017.11.12 Can We See Beauty in the End? – Casey Clark
2017.11.19 Perfect Provision – Rachel Clark

More to Come

We plan to offer past newsletters as well as a calendar to give you a sense of what we’ve done in the past and what to expect in the future.