Bible Study

Recently we’ve begun to prepare devotionals that follow with the sermon text for the week. They are short and simple and perfect to use on your own or even in a small group. You can find them here:


Along with our Reformation sermon series, we’ve done a Sunday school class that hits on the core beliefs that developed in that time. You can watch the classes here:

Reformation Transformation Class on Youtube

Years ago Casey Clark maintained a website that helped people not only read the Bible, but to do so with guided Bible studies, visuals, and short articles. There are plenty of reading plans that tell you what to read, but reading the Bible can be hard, so feel free to take a look at the site and see if anything can be of help to you. God speaks to us through his Word and we can expect great things when we prayerfully go to him there.

Year in the Bible
Year in the Bible – Past Bible Studies


Whether you’re trying to catch up on a missed sermon or you are a visitor and want to hear some of what happens on a Sunday morning, you can find the last couple years worth of worship services on Youtube.