Weathervane Cross

We’ve introduced a new symbol for New Monmouth Presbyterian. It’s something simple to help us remember who we are as a Christian community and what God is calling us to do.

It captures the themes of “arise and shine” that¬†were central to the sermons that began 2017.

At first glance you see a weather vane, a classic country symbol that reminds of us country values such as hospitality that we strive to have in our church.

Looking closer you see this symbol centers on the cross. The cross communicates that we are a community that is gathered around Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection has saved us and brought us into fellowship with each other and with God.

The rooster reminds us of proclamation. As a rooster will rise up and loudly announce the new day, we are to wake up and proclaim the good news of love and grace in Jesus Christ. We are his and we are beloved and that is a message to sing out every morning.

The cross and rooster which form the weather vane are placed over the sun, reminding us to shine the light of Jesus Christ to a world that is in darkness.

To put it simply: We want to wake up to a new reality that God has given to us in Jesus Christ, and to share the warmth of the light of Christ with the world.

Therefore our call is to arise and shine the Light of Christ.